​Ryan Wu
​William Wong

We have an odd creation story, but the bottom line is that TGTF was the child of our desires to help.  

What we were:

Somewhat random, inefficient, and disorganized, but dedicated. 

Who we are:

A tight-knit band of family friends, a cooperative group that works extremely well together, and people who can have fun at anytime, any place and bring joy to those around us. 

A charity run by young adults.

​​​Vicky Zhou
​Ashley Du
​Harrison Lu

Look towards a bright future.

The Founders

​Claire Hsiao
The people that made this happen.
 The Giving Tree Family is a small group created by young adults from middle and high school all around Long Island, all who have a passion for helping those in need. Even though we are young, we know that we have the ability to make the world a better place, even if it's one small step at a time! 

​Cindy Du​​

Something that makes a difference.

We may be on the smaller end of charities, but we are steadily growing with a potential greater than any other. Our friendly atmosphere has an open kind of feeling, that will make anyone feel like they belong. Our atmosphere has a determined kind of feeling, able to pursue any dream and achieve it. Our atmosphere has an encouraging kind of feeling, attracting all into planting their own seeds of kindness.

Our ultimate goal is to spread happiness everywhere we go, through both small and large acts of kindness. Our doctrine is a simple one: take initiative to make a difference in people's lives.

About  Us

Rochelle Du​​

A group of old friends.