Covid-19 Impact

The pandemic hit The Giving Tree Family especially hard, numerous meetings were suspended due to not being able to gather in-person. The Giving Tree Family had previously relied on raising funds through in-person events, like our annual garage sale. However, in the blink of an eye, all means of in-person funding was erased, and The Giving Tree Family had to find new ways to fund our events. Since then, we have dramatically expanded our online presence by finally establishing a way for donors to donate online and holding virtual fundraisers. TGTF has also been busy during the pandemic by attending events virtually. For example, our dedicated members attended virtual meetings and spent time with AHRC doing activities like drawing, I-Spy, and dancing virtually. We've also held numerous virtual fundraisers, one of which, we managed to raise over $2,000 for local food pantries struggling to keep up with demand during the pandemic. Finally, we've expanded our presence on Youtube through numerous videos ranging from music videos to thank you videos to our health care professionals.