And a special thanks to...

Graduation Party 2023! 

June 24th, 2023 @ Douglaston Community Church

Every year, The Giving Tree Family has a big party at the Douglaston Community Church to celebrate our graduating seniors. This year, there were tons of food and activities. Multiple speeches from Giving Tree members, water balloon fights, and games happened on this day!

  Annual Events

  • Thanksgiving Food Drive
  • Holiday Nursing Home Visits
  • ​Cohen Children's Medical Center visit
  • Light the Night Walk
  • ​AHRC Walk
  • AHRC Camp Clean up at Hunter Mountain​
  • AHRC summer / winter day
  • Annual Summer Yard Sale
  • Music Benefactor Concert
  • Senior Graduation Party

​--​Recent Events--

Holiday Performances!

​December 29th, 2022 @ Sun Harbor
December 30th, 2022 @St. Francis Hospital

The Giving Tree Family was extremely busy this holiday season! The Giving Tree Family participated in their annual Holiday Performances at two hospitals in long Island! These performances included solo violinists, an orchestra, dance groups, singing, and a group chorus. The group had multiple rehearsals beforehand to have their performances ready! Even the parents participate with their own chorus! The Giving Tree Family also visited AHRC on December 29th to host multiple activities such as games, music, and dancing!

Thanksgiving Food Drive

Nov 19th, 2022 @Multiple Locations

The Giving Tree Family successfully raised over 1000 lbs of food and multiple cash donations at this year's Thanksgiving food drive. We worked from four locations on Long Island (Hua Lian Supermarket, Super FL Mart, North Shore Farms Great Neck, and Stop & Shop Bay Terrace). Once again, we worked with Island Harvest in order to donate our canned food and money to families across Long Island that are in need of support. We are always happy to make a contribution to our amazing community. Special thanks to the supermarkets for allowing us to set up at their entrances and to the huge amount of generous people who decided to give back!


For the past few years, TGTF has been honored to be invited back to AHRC's annual volunteer recognition dinner on Thursday night, June 1st. What started as just one event blossomed into a beautiful partnership. The Giving Tree Family was given the great opportunity of coming back, of being able to help out with Camp Loyaltown. Without AHRC, our group wouldn't have been able to grow as much as we have now.